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HH 383 Study Guide on Blood and Fluid I. Blood Functions of Blood in the Body Moistens and provides nourishment to the organs, bones, muscles, tendons and skin. With Qi , provides the foundation for mental activity. Blood Disharmonies with Signs and Symptoms Patterns Signs Tongue Pulse Blood Deficiency Fatigue, palpitations, numbness, dizziness, blurred vision Pale w/thin coat thin Blood Stagnation Pain that is fixed in location, dull complexion. Purple a/or purple spots deep, choppy maybe a little wiry Heat in the Blood Reckless bleeding (hemorrhage, bleeding between cycles, etc.), restlessness, irritability Red/yellow coating or no coating fast II. Fluids 1. Normal fluid: a. Jin (thin) - clear and watery fluids that lubricate the skin and muscles. b. Ye (thick) - turbid and viscous fluids that lubricate the brain, spinal cord, joint cavities
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Unformatted text preview: and all the orifices. 2. Morbid fluid: Phlegm is caused from an imbalance in the processing of fluids. It is both a cause of disease and a product of disease. Phlegm can have various effects on the body: • Phlegm in the LU: thick mucus, cough, asthma • Phlegm in the "mind": many times called "phlegm misting the mind", depression, psychosis, epilepsy, manic depression • Phlegm stagnation: lumps, swellings, fibroids, gallstones, kidney stones • Phlegm blocking Qi flow to the head: dizziness, blurred vision • Phlegm blocking the meridians: numbness, stroke Fluid Deficiency Dryness in the body, scanty urination, thirst, constipation/dry stools Tongue: Red w/no coat thin, rapid. Fluid Retention Poor appetite, fatigue, dizziness, edema, cough. Tongue: Wet w/white coat slippery, wiry....
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