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HH 383 Handout, Professor WANG Causes of illness from the perspective of Chinese Medicine Two fold Conditions of illness : a. weak qi of the body, b. external and internal evil qi. Three categories of causes: I. External evil (abnormal, pernicious) qi: Wind: quick onset, unpredictable, upper body, combining with other evil qis. Heat: fever, thirsty, inflammation, pain. Damp: slow onset, heavy and sticky, lower body, digestion system. Dry: autumn dry qi, lung system. Cold: contractive, stiff, slow and inactive, clear and cold excretions. Summer heat: high fever, nausea, and diarrhea. Class discussion on today’s relevance: air pollution cause dry, how about global
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Unformatted text preview: warming? II. Internal abnormal emotions (qis) angry, joy/excitement, worry/thinking, sad/grief, fear/fright. Class discussion: racism, stress/anxiety, distress/depression. How about guilty? III. Neither external nor internal and life styles Accidental injuries, bites, sexual behavior regulations, diet etc. Class discussion: health insurance (access to health care), process food cause damp damage to earth, heavy medications, pain killer and other drug abuses cause heat. Radiation pollution, i.e. cell phone, similar to wind evil. Liver, wind, angry Wood Heart, heat/fire, joy Kidney, cold, fear/fright Fire Water Spleen, damp, worry/thinking Lung, dry, sad Earth Metal...
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