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Eight_Principle_diagnosis - Inactive Tiredness Dizziness no...

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HH 383 Handout Prof. Wang 1 Patterns Differentiation (1): Eight Principles (or the Eight Rubrics) Cold Hot Interior Exterior Deficiency Excess looking Pale white face Clenching body and limbs, withdrawal Red face, stretching body and limbs, dry lips Dull or unclear consciousness, Low spirit and energy Weak or sore limbs, skin rashes. Frail, weak movement, Low spirit, short of breath Ponderous and forceful movement, coarse respiration, Listening/ Smelling Quiet, unwilling to talk Agitated, talkative Low voice, soft cough Loud voice, Loud cough Asking Not thirsty, like warm food and drinks, urine clear and prolonged, diarrhea, Fine white mucus Thirsty with dry mouth, like cool drinks, insomnia, red urination, constipation, thick and yellow mucus Chest congestion, abdominal pain Constipation or diarrhea, and vomit Sudden onset of chills and fever, head or body ache
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Unformatted text preview: Inactive, Tiredness Dizziness, no appetite, pressure relieves pain or discomfort Active, restless, forceful movement, emotional agitation, pressure or touch increase pain Pulse slow rapid sinking Floating Weak (empty, thin, frail,) Strong (full, wiry, slippery ) Tongue/m oss White moss, moist Dry and yellow Yellow or gray-black Thin moss Pale, thin Thick moss Other signs Upper cold and lower cold Upper hot and lower hot From interior to exterior – alleviation From exterior to interior— aggravation Chronic illness and weak constitution Strong constitution and new illness. Note: • Eight Principle provides a basis for advanced analysis and inferences about an illness. • It is used to combine with five yin organ systems and six pernicious qi for precise diagnosis. • Qi, blood, yin and yang are the basic conditions in pattern differentiation....
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