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herbal_store_guide - Traditional Chinese herbal stores SF...

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Traditional Chinese herbal stores: SF Chinatown: 1. The Great China Herb Company (Da Feng He r ) 857 Washington st. San Francisco, CA 94108. 2. Wan Hua 665 Jackson St. San Francisco, CA 94133. (Dr. Su very good) 3. Ellision Enterprise Corp. 805 Stockton St. San Francisco CA 94108. 4. Kang Hua 1040 Stockton St. [close on Thursdays] There are well trained Chinese medicine doctors in all above stores. They do diagnosis and prescribe herbal formulas at very reasonable price. Most of them open everyday and do not need to make appointment. Stores in Other areas of SF city: 1. 2. 918 Clement St. (Chinese/Spanish) 3. 2218 Irving St. Hong Kun Chinese Herb, Several herbal stores on Irving street between 23th-26 th st. 4. 1042 Taraval St. Moon Fung Company, between 20th to 22th street. 5. 2713 San Bruno Ave. Shun Yuan Herbs Ginseng Inc. (r ) 6. 2544 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco. East Bay
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