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HH 383 Midterm guide: The main questions are drawn from the following areas: 1. Basic philosophy of Dao, Yin yang, five element 2. Definition of qi, blood, fluid, essence, consciousness (spirit) 3. Classification of yin/yang organs (full/hollow, store qi and essence/transportation of food and water) 4. The main function of the yin organs, their external associates (where it opens, what it rules etc. ), corresponding yang organs, and typical disharmonious symptoms when organs are out of balance. (Please see the handout chart). 5. Where the 12 major channels are located on the body (upper/lower,
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Unformatted text preview: inside/outside), and the direction of channel qi flow. 6. Function of acupoints, and the number (365) of total acupoints on the body. Identify key acupoints- such as baihui, laogong, dantian, yongquan, san yinjiao, merging valley, inner gate, and three mile point etc. 7. The supplement treatment with acupuncture: cupping, moxa. Tips for preparation: • Review class notes, ppt, and handouts. • Re-read the textbook with focus on the important contents emphasized in this quiz guide....
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