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HH 383 Wang Looking and Pulse Taking of The Four Examinations I. Looking: Shen (or spirit), facial color, tongue and moss, A. Normal facial color: luster, clean, even, and moist, with bright eyes. Abnormal facial colors: lusterless, uneven, dirty, and dry. White—deficiency of qi or yang, deficient blood. Red—heat and fire. Yellow---dampness. Blue green—stagnation of blood or qi. Or wind. Darkness---deficient kidney or excessive water. B. Normal tongue is pink red with thin white moist moss. Abnormal Tongue The body of the tongue---indicates the (deficient or excessive) qi of the internal organs. Pale color---(qi and blood) deficiency, coldness. Red—heat Scarlet---extreme heat (or heat invaded blood vessel) Purple---heat, blood stagnation, liver or kidney deficient coldness (lack of flow). Dark—stagnated heat (dryness) or coldness. Abnormal tongue moss Tongue moss reflects spleen and stomach conditions and external influences.
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Unformatted text preview: • Thin—deficiency • Thick—excess • White—normal or deficiency • Yellow—heat • Back or gray—extreme heat or cold, yin water • Greasy—dampness or mucus • Peeled tongue—deficient yin or fluids II. Pulse taking: Normal Pulse: gentle and strong in deep level, 4-5 beats each inhale and exhale cycle. External or internal 1. floating pulses indicating external location: floating, leather, soggy, full, empty, hollow. 2. sinking pulses indicating internal location: sinking, hidden, confined, frail. Heat or cold 3. slow pulses indicating cold: slow, moderate, knotted, intermittent, scattered 4. fast pulses indicating heat: fast, spinning bean, hurried. Excessive or deficiency 5. Strong and slippery pulses indicating excessive: slippery, wiry, tight, long, flood 6. Weak and choppy pulses indicating deficiency: choppy, short, thin, minute....
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