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Qi_blood_Yin_Yang_patterns - dry stool less urination Pulse...

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HH 383 Handout, Wang Pattern Differentiation (2) Note: Please refer to textbook “web” PP 215-243 for details of these patterns. Yang (Qi) Yin (Blood) Deficient Deficient Qi: Pale, short of breath, inactive, spontaneous sweating, loss of appetite, tiredness, lack of energy, easy to catch cold. Pulse: weak Tongue: pale Deficient Yang combines Qi deficiency and “interior cold .” Constant cold limbs, general tiredness, aversion to cold food and drinks, male infertility. Pulse: weak and slow Tongue: puffy Deficient Blood Pale, dizziness, nervous, forgetfulness, blurred vision, lack of energy, sleepy, dryness, scanty menses, body pain or numbness. Pulse: weak and thin Tongue: pale Deficient Yin combines blood deficiency and “interior heat”: Red cheekbone area, loss of weight, thirsty, heat in palms and soles, irritable, insomnia, night sweats,
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Unformatted text preview: dry stool, less urination. Pulse: thin and fast Tongue: red and thin yellow moss Excessive Excessive Yang, cause hotness, identified as “getting fire.” Red face, thirst, feel hot, sore throat, dark yellow urine, constipation, incline to have inflammations in various locations. Pulse: strong and/or fast Tongue: yellow and thick moss Excessive Yin cause coldness. Dark blue facial color, cold lims, soft stool, clear and cold urination Like warm, intolerant to cold. Pulse: slippery and/or slow Tongue: dark and moist moss. Stagnant Stagnant Qi : Distention, soreness and pain. Movable lumps, moody, feeling frustrated and blocked. Pulse: wiry or tight Tongue: purple Stagnant Blood: Severe and fixed pain. Depression. Tumors and lumps immobile. Hemorrhages. Pulse: choppy Tongue: dark purple....
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