Californios - ?ablo de la Guerra(1819-1874 ne...

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Unformatted text preview: ?ablo de la Guerra (1819-1874) ne Californios (Editorial, April 25, 1856 [?]) The scion of an important Californio family from Santa Barbara, de la Guerra was one of the few natives to take part in the constitutional convention to create the state of California in 1850. In addition to protesting policy before the legislature as it affected the Hispanics, de la Guerra also assumed the responsibility of defending the Amerindians through numerous speeches. In his 1860 speech The Californios, published in Spanish in Los Angeles's EI Clamor Publico newspaper, de la Guerra attacked the practices by which land rights were adjudicated under US and California law. In this heart-rending description of the disenfran- chisement of the Californios, de la Guerra used one of the phrases that best characterized the condition of the native peoples: "foreigners in their own land:' The same year, 1860, that de la Guerra delivered this speech, he decided to leave the legislature and run for a position as judge in Santa Barbara, a position that he won and held until his death. (EA) Further reading: Joseph E. Cassidy, "Life and Times of Pablo de la Guerra," Ph.D. diss., Uni- versity of California at Santa Barbara, 1977-...
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Californios - ?ablo de la Guerra(1819-1874 ne...

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