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. PUBLICATIONS OF THE MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA contents BACK ISSUES ONLINE Vo~s. 1-116 (iS8j-~ooi), JSTOR 709 A Statement of Editorial Policy V0r.s. 117-20 (2002-05), IngentaConnect ,710 Features in PMLA 710 Forthcoming in ONLINE INDEX VOLS 1-120 (1884-2005) 713 Editor's Note MLA Internotional Bibliography 715 Guest Column: Roundtable on the Future of the PRINT INDEXES Humanities in a Fragmented World VOLS. 1-50, 1935; 51-60,1945; 51-79, 1964 MARIANNE HIRSCH Columbia University 724 Presidential Address 2004: The Humanities in a Managing Editor . Posthumanist world JUDY GOULDING ROBERT SCHOLES Associate Managing Editor ERIC WIRTH - Assistant Editors JOHN D. GOLBACH 734 The Dark Wood of Postmodernity (Space, Faith, Allegory) MARG!T LONGBRAKE Advertising Manager and BILL BROWN Strbmissions Associate ANNABEL SCHNEIDER 751 Invisible Tagkanysough Administrative Assistant SARA PASTEL ED WHITE I 768 Representing the Slave Trader: Haley and the Slave ! Editorial Board Ship; or, Spain's Uncle Tom's Cabin WAI CHEE DIMOCK, 2006 ! LISA SURWILLO Yale University BARBARA HAHN, 2005 78) The Chinese Renaissance: A Transcultural Reading Vnnderbilt University MAR~A HERRERA-SOBEK, 2005 GANG ZHOU University of California, Santn Barbara BRUCE ROBBINS, 2005 796 Recovering Chicanola Literary Histories: Historiography Coltrmbin University beyond Borders PIERRE N. SAINT-AMAND, zoo6 Brown University MANUEL M. MART~N-RODR~GUEZ SUSAN A. STEWART, Princeton University 806 The Transatlantic Mysteries of Paris: Chester Himes, Surrealism, and the Serie noire JONATHAN P. EBURNF, SRINIVAS ARAVAMUDAN, Duke Ilniversity -- IAN BAUCOM, 2006 Duke University theories and metkaodoBogies &NF. K. BROWN, 2007 Univerrity of Wclshirtgtor~ - 822 Photography. War, Outrage JUDITH BUTLER - (co~~linued) I; I
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1 PMLA Recovering Chicanola Literary Histories: Historiography beyond Borders MANUEL M. MART~N-RODR~GUEZ L IKE MANY OTHER LITERATURESTHAT HAVE ENDURED A HISTORY OF marginalization, Chicana10 letters is now experiencing a phase of bidirectional growth: it extends as much into the past as it moves into the future. The generation of writers and scholars who first brought attention to this literature during the'civil rights era was succeeded by others whose works opened Chicanola literature up to new dimensions by experimenting with genres and topics; by addressing formerly unexplored or underexplored issues; and, to a certain extent, by undoing much of the work of their predecessors as they formulated new identities, new geopolitical understand- inis of culture, and new aesthetic parameters. The predominant nationalistic drive of the 1960s and 1970s, whose preferred symbol was Aztlan, has been all but substituted by what I would call trans- MANUEL M. MARTIN-RODR~GUEZ, profes- sor of literature and a founding faculty member at the University of California, Merced, is the author of Life in Search of Readers: Reading (in) Chicano/a Literature (U of New Mexico P, 2003) and Rolando Hinojosa y su 'LronicBn" chicano: Una novela del lector (U de Sevilla. 1993), as well as the editor of La vaz urgente: An- talagia de literatura chicana en esparial (Fundamentos. 1995 and 1999). He is at
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