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Duncan (part 1): 1. How many Americans cannot read a simple science story? About 200 million. 40% of Americans do not believe in evolution, and 20% believe that the sun orbits the earth. 2. Why is this dangerous? People who are ignorant to science may become so fearful about science, and things that they don’t know much about, that they try t slow down or stop technology. Also, the elite people who do know about science may use their position of power to take control over the dumb masses. 3. Historical examples: The mob in ancient Alexandria, to present restrictions on stem cell funding. Mayan elites used their knowledge to build big cities and temples, and used them to awe and
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Unformatted text preview: control the masses through a religion that included ripping out peoples hearts. 4. Do Europeans and Japanese know more than Americans? Europeans and Japanese people have a lower rate of scientific literacy, but they have a higher percent of people who accept evolution and other basic scientific theories. 5.What campaign does the author propose? A scientific literacy campaign, much like the mid-20 th century drive to improve reading skills. The questions remain about weather people actually care enough to learn, and if those who know even...
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