Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: 1. What is the argument about the...

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Chapter 24: 1. What is the argument about the population bomb? What is the instructors point here regarding events versus increments? The word bomb makes us think that population growth is a fast-coming event, that ends quickly. However, population growth is slow, and never-stopping. It is a crunch, not a crisis. 2. How do media deal with issues? Note Hardin’s examples herein, particularly the earthquake example. The media never blame deaths on overpopulation. When an earthquake hit Guatemala, the poor people were all living in homes with timber roofs, which collapsed from the quake. The abundance of people used up all of the corn husks that would have normally been used to make homes, which wouldn’t have killed them when they came down. The media did not attribute these deaths to the increased population, but the earthquake, 3. How is the taboo subject treated here? Overpopulation is NEVER the explanation for deaths, even when a high amount of people can be the contributing factor for many deaths. Overpopulation and overcrowding caused the cyclone deaths, but if the country wasn’t so packed, no one would live that close to the delta. . but overpopulation is never brought up. 4. Note the point on critical v. chronic issues, and the way we treat them. Critical troubles evoke critical emotions. Overpopulation is not critical, it is chronic, and if there is no way that we can change that, why even bring it up? 5. Compassion breed what? And how does this create problems for the issues Hardin feels we must confront? Compassion breeds taboo. The compassion to continue to make profits and create supplies to fill our demands causes people not to talk about the problems of overpopulation. C.P. Snow thinks that the taboo about overpopulation is very powerful, and that it must be broken if we are to fix this issue. 6. Note the point on voluntary control and population control:
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Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: 1. What is the argument about the...

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