Part 2 - Part 2: 1. Duncan believes we live in what times...

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Unformatted text preview: Part 2: 1. Duncan believes we live in what times today when it comes to science writing? Very good times, as some of the best scientific writing is being put out in todays publications. But he says that we also live in the worst of times (?) 2. Science writing has what kind of learning curve? A very steep learning curve. Many new reporters trying to make their way in a company put out dry, predictable, and bad science writing. 3. What are the problematic “two ways” media frequently report science? The media only report 2 kinds of science stories; revolutionary ideas that now just come off as crying wolf, and the other kind of stories where the bad sides of science (killing babies) is reported. Both of these are screaming headlines that are just made to attract readers 4. What is the Africa Effect? Papers must ask themselves why they should write another article on a similar story that may have recently run already. The public may not want to hear about some things so many times; as they just have recently run already....
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