How did we get here

How did we get here - 1 How did we get here a How does the...

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1. How did we get here? a. How does the early development of food production and early arrival of domesticated animals set up a region to be a powerful dominator (one with guns, germs and steel)? Areas are based on resources. Geography matters, nothing anything special about the people or the regions or incomes, but it is where they choose to live. Food production = surpluses and storage of food, so societies become denser. They were then able to supply food for their population. Large concentrations of population = more exposure to disease, develop immunity These societies were set up to dominate each other “guns, germs, and steel” b. Why have we seen a transition from hunting and gathering to food production? There has been a decline in wild foods, increased availability of domesticated food, development of tech, increase in population which leads to incr in food production, and food producers were outnumbering the hunters gatherers. c. What are the characteristics special to a crop? (enhanced wild plants) Bigger fruit size, sweeter, less seeds/more fruit (fleshiness), more oil (oiliness), longer fiber lengths. d. What is the domestication process for a plant? Hunters spread the seeds of best fruit, humans gathered the crop if they didn't disperse their seeds (wheat grains), made grains/pulses easier to harvest. Humans only planted seeds that sprouted annually when they began to farm. Late seeds were not harvested. e.
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How did we get here - 1 How did we get here a How does the...

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