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1. India a. Be able to discuss the major impacts (positive and negative) of the three main regimes discussed in the End of Poverty. (British Raj, License Raj and Market Liberalization) British Raj Positive: 1) East Indian Company gained control of entire subcontinent of India, exploiting the failings and divisions of the Mogoul empire and the social divisions of the Indian people. 2) 1857- EIC gave control to the British crown. 3) Invested in infrastructure (road/rails/electricity grids/telegraph connections) Negative: 1) Education and health lagged (1947 = literacy rate @ 17%, life expectancy of 32.5 yrs). 2) Failure to respond to famine (year 1 monsoon/drought/hunger year 2 rains/malaria) License Raj Positive: 1) Independence in 1947, no more colonial rule. 2) Very strong state controls (license to trade, invest, expand your factory and small scale industry is protected from competition. Industrial workers could not be fired) . 3) Growth at 1.9% per capita Green Revolution: Rise in food yields so no more famine, pockets of rising
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