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What are the five key lessons of clinical medicine

What are the five key lessons of clinical medicine -...

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1. What are the five key lessons of clinical medicine’s counterparts in good economic practices according to Sachs? 1) Economies, like individuals, are complex systems: They have distinct systems that must operate properly for the entire economy to function appropriately. 2) Economists, like medical clinicians, need to learn the art of differential diagnosis: Need to learn to prescribe remedies well tailored to each country’s specific conditions. 3) Clinical economics should view treatment in “family” terms, not just individual terms: the entire world community is part of the family. For example, Ghana must combine with trade
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Unformatted text preview: reforms in the rich countries to maintain peace. 4) Good developmental practice requires monitoring and evaluation , especially a rigorous comparison of goals and outcomes: When goals aren’t carried out, ask “why” not make excuses for past advice. 5) Commitment. Development community lacks the requisite ethical and professional standards: There is a profound commitment to search for the right answer not to settle for superficial approaches. IMF has responsibility to speak truth to not only policymakers of impoverished country, but to the rich and powerful policymakers as well....
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