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PetSmart- Client Research HW Assignment 1 (Fall 2011)

PetSmart- Client Research HW Assignment 1 (Fall 2011) -...

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ADV/PR 340 Client Research Homework Assignment Name ____________________Cureton Gannon_____________________________________________________________________ The Scenario You are a member of an account team in the early stages of working on the account for PetSmart. It’s 1:00 p.m. on a Friday. You’ve just returned from a fun lunch with colleagues. Upon returning, you check your email to find a frantic message from the Account Executive saying that a 4:00 p.m. meeting has been called regarding this account. You’ve been asked to explore secondary sources to find out more about the client, the issue at hand, and any relevant advertising or public relations information necessary for the late afternoon meeting. This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT. You should not ask for assistance from other class or team members. Start now. Good luck! This assignment is due @ the beginning of class, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011. Instructions You will be asked to read a variety of online material to answer each set of questions. You CANNOT copy and paste any information. Put all answers in your own words. You must TYPE in all your answers below each question. Please help me in grading by BOLDING your answers throughout. Staple and submit using the instructions given above! Most, if not all, information gathered on this assignment will be used in some form or fashion in your upcoming Situation Analysis. Save this file as you will return to the information gathered later. When asked to make charts or graphs, be sure to follow all rules of professional presentation: (1) include a title (2) include years on the x-axis or across the bottom (3) include the units on the y-axis or down left side (4) always note the source at bottom. Honesty Pledge By signing below, I understand that this homework assignment was to be completed by myself. I pledge that I completed this assignment solely on my own. I did not seek help from others. Signed _____________________________________________________ Dated _______________________________
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About Your Industry Go the UTK library website at http://www.utk.edu/librariesandtech/. Click on the “Databases” link near the bottom of the web page. Click on the “Business and Economics” link. Scroll until you find the “MarketResearch.com Academic” link. Click here to enter this wonderful resource. UTK NetID and password required. Remote access available. You should find the MarketResearch.com report titled “ U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2010-2011: Tapping Into Post- Recession Pet Parent Spending ” (dated March 2010). All answers to the questions listed below will come directly from this report. NOTE: You should save this report to your hard drive, flash drive, or group page for future access. 1. What information sources are contained in this report? In other terms, how did the authors (Packaged Facts) collect data used here? What sources were used? Is this report based on secondary or primary research? The certain sources were collected from a variety of research methods. With the primary research, Packaged Facts experts used online polls of pet owners, interviews with pet market experts, on-site evaluation of retail and service provider venues, and canvassing Internet blogs. Secondary research
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