Situation Analysis Memo - Client & Competitor Profile

Situation Analysis Memo - Client & Competitor...

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Overview In this section (using subheads to guide the reader), you will present a thorough discussion of PetSmart and its primary/direct competitors’ past, current, and proposed efforts in the marketing of its services and products. Be sure to integrate all facets of IMC advertising, marketing, and public relations strategies and tactics for your client and all competitors. Everything I have listed to be addressed under the Client Profile should also be covered for EACH of the primary/direct competitors (maximum four) you select under Competitor Profiles. Hint: Your Client Research Homework Assignment should be of great assistance for this section. As you refer to the examples provided on Blackboard, you will see that you have options for how you craft your narrative for the Client and Competitive Profiles. You can either provide a discussion of all primary competitors intertwined with the client OR have each profile separate. Your choice! Do what you feel makes for the best narrative based on your research. Client Profile History: What is the history of PetSmart? When was PetSmart founded? Where did PetSmart originate and when? Etc. Sales Data: Sales data should be provided for a minimum of five years (10 years would be ideal). Sales trend data is often companioned with a visual (i.e., line chart or bar chart). How have sales changed in years? Any projections for PetSmart? Advertising Expenditures: This information is provided for you on Blackboard. You have
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Situation Analysis Memo - Client & Competitor...

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