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Situation Analysis Memo - Consumer Analysis

Situation Analysis Memo - Consumer Analysis - Situation...

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Overview: Customer Analysis For several reasons, this section is the most important component of your overall Situation Analysis because all your communication and promotional strategies rest on your ability to identify your target market and have an in‐depth understanding of these consumers. I am outlining the information that should be included in this section below. Be sure that you provide a mix of visuals and text to further illustrate your research. Remember, PetSmart has hired your group to research and further define the term “pet parent.” Your team should spend time in the Consumer Analysis section providing justification for how you have defined the term. Provide secondary sources and possible quotes from our guest speaker to rationalize your decision. Keep in mind that all primary research will be conducted with individuals that comprise your target audience. Try not to limit yourself too much in terms of how you will recruit participants.
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