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Situation Analysis Memo - Overview - Situation Analysis...

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Your Team’s Task Write a Situation Analysis for PetSmart. Overview : A situation analysis provides background for all the decision-making done for a campaign. It sets the tone and narrative line for the story you are about to tell. To complete the Situation Analysis assignment, you must work in a group. You will submit peer evaluations to help me determine individual scores for this assignment. Your input is vital… both with participation in the group setting and with evaluating the performance of your peers. Everyone in this assignment is expected to contribute equally, thus each member should receive the same final grade on the work. However, often this is rarely the case. The peer assessment gives me direction in formation of the individual grade on all group assignments. I strongly advise you to actively participate, attend all group meetings (inside and outside of class), and be a responsible group member so that your grade will not suffer. You will be evaluated/evaluate your peers a number of times during the semester. FYI: Peer evaluations will always be due by 12 noon on the day AFTER a major group project is due (i.e., Situation Analysis). These dates are noted in italics on your syllabus schedule. Further directions on the submission of peer evaluations will be announced. The Components : For this project you will be conducting a Situation Analysis for PetSmart. The final document will consist of the following components: 1. The Industry Overview 2. The Client Profile 3. The Competitor Analysis (maximum of four primary competitors) 4. The Consumer Analysis 5. References A typical situation analysis document tends to be between 12-14 pages in length, excluding the cover page and table of contents. Your maximum page limit is 14 pages (not including refs). Further information about this assignment will be posted on Blackboard. There are also sample
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Situation Analysis Memo - Overview - Situation Analysis...

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