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Gannon 1 Cureton Gannon Noel Wall English 101 November 4, 2009 The Jungle of Genres: Noise or Music? It’s a Saturday night and the excitement is high. T.I. is playing tonight and everyone who is anyone is going to be there. Every group from part of the city is talking about how this is their town, but they are all going to see T.I. As the sun fades, the arena fill; there is not a seat to be had. There are several standing and dancing as the concert continues. Outside the town is silent. Even the crickets can sing their songs. Finally, T.I. performs his last song and it’s a favorite, “Big Things Poppin’ “ and everyone is hyped. Suddenly, the town that was so quiet erupts in chaos. Even before the doors break open there are fights between everyone. Girls are screaming cusses at each other. Guys are shooting at each other. Utter chaos. From T.I. to Brittany Spears to Marilyn Manson, artists in America have become idols and their music a way of life to be admired, even glorified. From punk to hip-hop, the negative messages that encourage illegal activity and degradation of women have integrated themselves into the culture so far that the affects from the hip hop and heavy metal cultures are hardly even noticed anymore. However, the affects are still prevalent and are ever increasing. Furthermore, this culture has influenced the thoughts and actions of youth in America so much; they look to artists for everything they do, from the way they talk to dress or even who they date. Music has always been a critical factor of creativity and expression in most societies, but Hip Hop and Heavy Metal cultures discarded that creativity and created cultures of “moral-less-ness.” In the 1960s Heavy Metal started as a product from the ‘free love’ movement and as a result the first bands that are classified as heavy metal appeared (Woods).One of the first being
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Gannon 2 Black Sabbath and the lead singer was Ozzy Osbourne. These bands were known for its loundness, amplified distortion of sound and their extended guitar solos. Also the lyrics almost always gave a message associated with masculinity. The origin of Hip Hop can be traced back to Africa to a group of rebels known as the Zulu Nation. Their leader was Afrika Bambaada who declares to be the “godfather” of Hip-Hop. His teachings point people to worship themselves as ‘gods.’ (Woods)Hip-Hop and rap grew in influence in America in the 1970’s in the South Bronx in New York City. In 1979 Sylvia Robinson released the song “Rapper’s Delight” and for the next several years rap and Hip Hop were in essence discovered by the music industry (Rose, 7). Rap and Hip Hop, songs push the messages of masculinity also. However, they also sometimes include the stories from the ghetto or even political messages against racism and economic oppression, but most of times they are negative messages toward women or encourage violence. Some people say Hip Hop and Heavy Metal are just ways of expressing themselves and
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eng paper 3 - Gannon 1 Cureton Gannon Noel Wall English 101...

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