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Gannon 1 Cureton Gannon Noel Walls English 101 November 30, 2009 Backdoor Bangladesh: Globalization’s Effects on our world A concept that has become common and powerful, a word that evokes emotion, a misunderstood abstract, a presence that is real and dominates our society. Globalization. With this one word, headlines are made, stories are broadcasted, and books are published. For globalization to be such a common term, it is highly complex, misused, and misinterpreted by many who converse about it (Veseth). From the media to politicians, globalization refers to this traumatic, disastrous happening that has occurred right under our noses. However, globalization, sometimes referred to as “McDonaldization”, simply put is the economic and technological connection between American companies and the world. However, McDonaldization refers more exclusively to the Americanization of countries and more specifically how fast food restaurants have integrated themselves into these countries and demonstrated how American culture is exported like a product more than most American products that are actually tangible things (Alfano). Globalization influenced the world in many positive ways such as the advancement in new technologies and communication between countries that had been unheard of. This technological advancement has produced the nudge for a universal language and immediate communication between countries. Also the outsourcing of jobs overseas has created low prices that America demands so often. In addition, these jobs have started the stimulization of developing countries such as India and China. What is the problem, right? Wrong. Although these positive influences have developed through the connection of the economies, and world trade has lead to breakthroughs in technology, the loss of diversity in cultures, and the consequences of the unification of all economies overshadow the positive impacts of globalization.
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Gannon 2 Globalization has not happened overnight (Fisher). The term “globalization” was actually introduced in the late 1940s. However, its relevance did not begin until the late 1980s. This has been a long process that has continued throughout the last 15 years, but has become fiercer, or more noticeable, in the past few years because more business is being handled by people in other countries such as China (Fisher). In addition, the world’s economy has become less independent and more dependent on each other for its success. Globalization does not just refer solely to outsourcing or America sending a couple of companies overseas. It is billion dollar corporations with millions of restaurants or stores across the
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english paper 4 - Gannon 1 Cureton Gannon Noel Walls...

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