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Cureton Gannon English 101- page 1 Elizabeth Noel September 18, 2009 COVERGIRL or COVER your hurl?? “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful COVERGIRL.” Everyone who does not live in a cave has heard or seen this somewhere, either walking around a store or looking through a magazine. COVERGIRL make-up products distinguish themselves among the rest as a company with quality products that enhance a girl’s beauty. Every ad seems to echo the same message: if the customer buys the product she will be transformed in some way. Each model entices everyone who sees her in an almost relatable way with her audience that would never happen anywhere else. The ad for TruShine Lipstick in the Lucky magazine is no exception. The glow on her face, the sparkle in her eyes, the smile on her ever-so-glossy lips all mesmerize and convince the consumer to buy the product, however, the gauntness of the model instills doubt into the readers’ mind about themselves, therefore impeding the effectiveness of the advertisement. Everything that went into planning the layout of this ad was well thought out. Even at the top, the color and boldness of the font in the ‘COVERGIRL’ name grabs the audience’s attention. The white of the letters unconsciously pushes the idea that COVERGIRL is a pure name that can be trusted. The boldness of the letters gives the impression of authority and establishes pretty blatantly the ethos of the company. The ethos is built even stronger by the subtle slogan that everyone has heard “Easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRL” at the bottom also in white. However, it does not dominate, but draws the eye down the page slowly. The name COVERGIRL is definitely an important part to the ad, but it is not the
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english 101 paper - Cureton Gannon English 101 page 1...

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