exam_s11 - Name MS&E 4030/4050 – Spring 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: MS&E 4030/4050 – Spring 2011 Statistics Exam You are free to use any tools or sources including the internet. However, no collaboration is permitted and no e-mail or chat windowss may be open on your computer. No problems requires more than Excel though other tools may make the analysis significant simpler. 1. The standard deviation and the standard deviation of the mean are defined as s x = r 1 N- 1 X [ x i- h x i ] 2 s μ = s x √ N Explain the statistical meaning and significance of these two terms. 2. A collection of 200 bolts were individually weighed on a precision balance. The distribution of their masses is reasonably well represented by a Gaussian with a mean of 27.3 g and a standard deviation of 1.37 g. Determine the value and your uncertainty for the average number of bolts that should be found in a 10.000 kg box of the bolts. N = ± bolts 3. The lattice constant for Si is measured by X-ray diffraction using Cu Kα 2 X-rays ( λ = 1 . 544427 ± . 000018 ˚ A). If the (400) reflection peak is observed at 34A)....
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exam_s11 - Name MS&E 4030/4050 – Spring 2011...

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