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Prof. S.L. Phoenix 9/06/11 TAM 3100 Method of Undermined Coefficients: Two Useful Rules and a Table Rule 1: In solving   Ly f x suppose that no term appearing either in  fx or in any of its derivatives satisfies the homogeneous equation  0 . Then take as a trial solution for p y a linear combination of all linearly independent such terms in and their derivatives. Then determine the coefficients by substitution of this trial solution into the non-homogeneous equation, . If this works, then you are fine. Rule 2: If the function is of the form      cos or sin rx rx mm Pxe k x k x ( 1 ) where m Px is a polynomial in x of degree m , then take as a trial solution of the form 2 01 2 2 2 ... cos ... sin sm r x pm mr x m yx x A A xA x A xe k x BB x B x B x e k x 
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