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Lab _2_Enzymes(2009030423450368)

Lab _2_Enzymes(2009030423450368) - Changes to Lab#2 Enzyme...

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Changes to Lab #2: Enzyme Catalysis 1. You should be prepared to do ALL parts of this lab: 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D. 2. For 2A, the following changes will be made: a. Your catalase solution (also called catalase extract) for the entire lab (parts A, B, and C) will be the liver extract that you will make as follows: i. Grind up fresh liver (you will do this by mashing up some beef liver in a cup with a plastic rod) with 10-15 ml distilled water. ii. Filter out the remaining liver pieces by SLOWLY pouring the liver-water mixture a few ml at a time over a piece of gauze held over another cup. iii. Re-grind any remaining liver pieces with 5-10 ml distilled water, and filter this mixture into the cup with your filtered extract. iv. KEEP YOUR LIVER EXTRACT ON ICE (the catalase enzyme in the liver will degrade rapidly in room temperature… which will mean that your entire experiment will not work!) b. You will be measuring out your solutions in this and all parts of the lab with calibrated syringes, NOT a burette.
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