Lab_7_Fly_Lab(2009030423480765) - L ab#7 Genetics of...

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Lab #7: Genetics of Organisms Use your Lab Manual and Lab Bench as resources for the lab. http:/ / You may also use other resources, but you must list them on a reference list at the end of your lab write-up. This lab is considered an in-class lab; EVERYONE must complete this assignment! 1. Do the usual pre-lab. Provide a written purpose of the lab. Draw a diagram of the procedure, with written explanations of each step. 2. State the problem that is being investigated in the lab. 3. State the hypothesis that you are testing in the lab. 4. Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable, and define what the experimental groups and control groups are in this lab (if any). 5. Now, work through each page of the Lab Bench website for this lab (starting with the Introduction page) and calculations for this lab, in order. For each page that has questions, please answer the question(s) and print out the page with your answer(s) and the correct answer(s). BE HONEST!!!
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Lab_7_Fly_Lab(2009030423480765) - L ab#7 Genetics of...

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