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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16DNA Replication Purpose to understand the role of DNA as the genetic material in cells, transformation (Griffiths observation), and to know the details of DNA structure, replication, and proofreading of nucleotide sequences, mutation repair (AP Bio Major ThemesI: Science as a Process, IV: Continuity & Change, V: Structure & Function) What you MUST know in Ch 16: Transformation DNA Replication Leading vs. Lagging Strand Telomeres Read about the discovery of the structure of DNA (pages 278- 285). Understand the significance of Rosalind Franklins photo, as well as the experimental contributions of the other scientists covered in this section of the chapter. These are classic experiments, and there have been questions on past AP exams on the scientists and their experiments. Review the double helix, matching purine-pyrimidine structure (A=T, G= C; lines represent # of hydrogen bonds connecting them). Realize that the work of many scientists was involved, each scientist or lab group building upon the work of others. Here is an alternative viewpoint to Campbells version. Although Watson, Crick & Wilkins received credit, fame and the 1962 Nobel Prize (money, too) for discovering the structure of DNA, they were not the only scientists responsible for our understanding of DNA, nor did they give full credit (or any credit, in some casesincluding previously published work, stolen X-ray diffraction photos, etc.) to the work of others that they used. "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was...
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My_Ch16_lecture_DNA_rev(2009030423481121) - Chapter 16DNA...

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