Lab_4 Photosynthesis Student Instructions(2009030423522179)

Lab_4 Photosynthesis Student Instructions(2009030423522179)...

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Lab #4: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis Because we will not have access to working spectrophotometers this year, you will work through LabBench (link listed on Blackboard External Links) AND do the usual pre-lab; both will be due on your scheduled lab day. Please read the following directions carefully: 1. Go to Lab #4 on LabBench. 2. Read the introduction, and read/work through each of the pages under 4-I Chromotology (it’s supposed to be Chromatography…) and 4-II Photosynthesis. It is important that you know how a spectrophotometer works, as this lab often appears on the AP Exam. 3. Take Lab Quiz I and Lab Quiz II. Print out your answer pages for both quizzes, and attach these to your pre-lab. 4. Write the usual pre-lab for Lab #4: purpose of the lab, diagrams and written description of each step of the procedure(s). It’s much easier to do this AFTER reading through LabBench, right? 5.
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Lab_4 Photosynthesis Student Instructions(2009030423522179)...

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