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My_Ch21_lecture(2009030423522787) - Chapter 21 Genetic...

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Chapter 21: Genetic Basis of Development Of Organisms (= Developmental Genetics) Purpose : to understand the genetic and cellular processes that contribute to the development of organisms What you MUST know from Ch 21: Totipotency Reproductive cloning in mammals Cytoplasmic determinants Induction Homeotic genes Once again, none of the above topics are underlined (for review for the AP test). Cliff’s has a very brief review of “Factors that Influence Development” under the Animal Reproduction and Development section p 265-6 in the 2 nd ed., and p. 217 in the 3 rd ed.) . You need to know the concepts covered in Cliff’s; when reviewing for the AP exam, it makes more sense to study this with Animal Reproduction & Development. All cells created during embryonic development originate from 1 original zygote, so they each have copies of the same chromosomes, and the same DNA sequences. This chapter covers the mechanisms that are responsible for cell development and differentiation—going from a zygote to a complex multicellular organism. Totipotency (or totipotent) = the potential to form all parts of of the mature organism Plant cells retain totipotency Animal cells: another story
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My_Ch21_lecture(2009030423522787) - Chapter 21 Genetic...

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