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Proteins and Pathogens Project You will design an activity to teach a class of high school students about Protein Synthesis OR Viruses and Bacteria (= pathogens). You may work in pairs or individually. If you work as a pair, you will both receive the same points. Protein synthesis: 1. Show the entire process of protein synthesis, from DNA to protein, consisting of a chain of 10 amino acids (real amino acids, include the correct codons and anticodons in your activity). You can make longer polypeptide chains, if you wish. Optional: include protein conformation. 2. Include the codon-amino acid table. 3. Include introns and exons (the concept of RNA processing), and the start and stop codons. 4. Include the different types of mutations. 5. Include the concept that the purpose of DNA is to code for specific proteins!!! 6. Include instructions for your activity. If there is a part of your activity that requires answers by the student, include a key with the correct answers or solution. Viruses and Bacteria:
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Proteins & Pathogens Project(2009030423522036) - P...

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