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Chapter 29: Plant Diversity I Purpose —to understand the adaptations of plants that enabled them to live on land (as opposed to water), and to know the difference between the life cycle of mosses and ferns. What you MUST know in Ch 29: Land plants possess derived terrestrial adaptations Moss life cycle Fern life cycle Plants are defined as multicellular eukaryotes that are photosynthetic autotrophs. Some algae meet these conditions, but are not plants Closest algae relatives are green algae (Chlorophyta) Most plants are terrestrial (live on land), with some exceptions (water lilies, other aquatic plants) Challenges posed by living on land: Need water (from the soil), need to prevent water loss—in short, need to reduce dependence on water Mineral nutrients are in the soil Light and CO 2 are obtained from the atmosphere Reproduction cannot depend on an aqueous environment Need to protect DNA from UV radiation damage Terrestrial adaptations that enable plants to live on land: 1. Plants have a waxy cuticle outer covering which prevents water loss from aerial parts (exposed to air) of the plant. 2. Plants have a vascular system that allows water to be distributed throughout all parts of the plant. With a water-
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conducting vascular system, all cells have easy access to water (reduces dependence on water and need for each individual cell to be adjacent to a water source). This allowed plants to develop specialized tissues:
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My_Ch29_lecture_plants(2009030500023354) - Chapter 29:...

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