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Chapter 36: Transport in Vascular Plants Purpose —to understand the mechanisms of water, minerals, sugars and CO 2 transport in vascular plants What you MUST know in Ch 36: Role of endodermis in root transport Water and minerals in xylem Stomates and transpiration Movement of sugars Plant transport includes 3 levels of movement of substances: Uptake and release of water and solutes by individual root cells Short-distance transport of substances from cell to cell Long-distance transport of sap within xylem and phloem around the entire plant Apoplast is the pathway created by the “nonliving” portion of cells (cell walls); substances are moved through cell walls from one cell to another without entering the cells Symplast is the pathway created by the “living” portion of cells; substances move from the cytoplasm of 1 cell to the cytoplasm of another through plasmodesmata. (Fig 36.5, p 700) Absorption of water and minerals by roots: Root hairs , which are extensions of epidermal cells, increase surface area for absorption Mycorrhizae are plant roots + hyphae filaments of fungi; the hyphae absorb water and minerals, transferring this to the plant (fig 36.7, p 702)
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Endodermis is a selective barrier between the outer root cortex and the inner vascular tissue o Controls the movement of water into the vascular tissue in the center of the root, because the Casparian strip (fig 36.6, p 701) which is impermeable to water, forces water (and dissolved solutes) to go through endodermal cells, and not around them (see below, symplast pathway) o Net effect is to keep water going to the vascular
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My_Ch36_lecture(2009030500032313) - Chapter 36: Transport...

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