Ch_40_44_ecreading_0 - http/ and click on Introduction to Diabetes then click on Diabetes Diagnosis(under Diabetes Type I and

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Extra Credit Reading! Plants have it and so do humans. You can confuse a plant by flashing red light at it at night; you can confuse a human by prolonging the hours of darkness. Who is more complex? The first article is from Science News http:/ / /41361/title/Out- of- sync_days_throw_heart_and_metabolism_out_of_whack in case the link doesn’t work, go to http:/ / /2357/topic/Body_%2B_Brain and click on the article (the end of the previous link…”Out of sync days throw heart and metabolism out of whack”) So what is diabetes, or for that matter, pre-diabetes? http:/ / If the link doesn’t work, go to
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Unformatted text preview: http:/ / and click on Introduction to Diabetes, then click on Diabetes Diagnosis (under Diabetes: Type I and Type 2), and Diabetes Overview. And remember last semester? Is there a purpose to all those organelle posters you’ve made in science classes? ( reference below) Here’s another article from Science News that may help to put the 1 st semester in perspective: http:/ / /40762/title/Mitochondria_Gone_Ba d If the link doesn’t work, go to http:/ / /2363/topic/Genes_%2B_Cells and look for the “Mitochondria Gone Bad” article and click on the article name....
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