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My_Ch40_lecture(2009050122140469) - Chapter 40 Animal Form...

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Chapter 40: Animal Form and Function Purpose—to understand the levels of structural organization What you MUST know in Ch 40: Metabolic rate Negative vs. positive feedback (we’ve discussed this. ...) Ectotherms vs endotherms Countercurrent heat exchange (thermoregulation) Note: Levels of structural organization is not on the MUST know list, however it is assumed that you know this in all of the other chapters on animal systems (so, yes, you need to know it). Different tissues have different structures which are specific to the function of those tissues. If there is an overall theme of AP Bio, and a concept that they are looking for in your essay responses on animals, THIS IS IT!!! Tissues —group of cells with a common structure and function. Within each tissue type, cell structure is specialized for certain functions (p. 778-784) Epithelial tissue —covers the outside of the body and lines organs and cavities inside the body o skin, mucous membranes, lining of gastrointestinal tract Connective tissue —binds together and supports other tissues o Cartilage, ligaments, tendons, adipose (fatty) tissue Nervous tissue —nerve cells (neurons)
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Muscle tissue —makes up muscles o Skeletal, cardiac (heart), and smooth (involuntary movement) muscle Tissues are arranged into organs (heart, lungs, stomach), which are part of organ systems , each of which carries out a major body function, such as food processing (digestive system), material transport (circulatory), body defense
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My_Ch40_lecture(2009050122140469) - Chapter 40 Animal Form...

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