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My_Ch45_lecture_rev09(2009050122141028) - Chapter 45...

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Chapter 45: Endocrine System Purpose—to understand the function of the endocrine system, which includes interaction with the nervous system, as well as the function of hormones What you MUST know in Ch 45: Endocrine vs. nervous system control Review of mechanisms of hormonal signaling Hypothalamus-pituitary relationship Anterior vs. posterior pituitary hormones Tropic hormones vs. non-tropic Mechanism of thyroid, parathyroid, and insulin actions Short-term stress, long-term stress, and adrenal glands See a pattern here? ---lots of stuff you need to know about plant AND animal hormones! For a review of hormones, target organs, & function, see Cliff’s Table 11-1, p 245 And here is a nice simple site for your review: http://training.seer.cancer.gov/module_anatomy/unit6_3_endo_glnds.html The endocrine system produces hormones that function to maintain homeostasis , and regulate the animal’s development and reproduction . Hormones: Are chemical messengers produced in 1 part of the body that affect target cells in another location Are transported in the blood Tiny amounts of hormones can cause a significant response in target cells Are steroids, peptides, or amino acids
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The brain interprets signals from the external environment and internal body conditions, and responds by initiating hormone release by neurosecretory cells that link the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland Just to make life difficult (or interesting), there are two parts of the pituitary, and they release different types of hormones: Anterior pituitary (anterior = front) o In response to releasing hormones from the hypothalamus (neurosecretory cells), the anterior
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My_Ch45_lecture_rev09(2009050122141028) - Chapter 45...

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