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Study efficiently! 1. Set aside time every day to study! 2. Use the practice tests to guide your study 3. If you get a question wrong on the practice test, look it up and study that concept THAT night. Focus your studying on what you need to know (not what you already know). 4. Only try to review a few concepts at a time; trying to review the whole year in one study session will not help 5. Use the “MUST KNOW” lists at the beginning of each chapter’s lecture notes as a guide for what you need to know; underlined items have been asked repeatedly 6. Study the most difficult concepts right before you go to sleep; sleep helps you to remember and process information! 7. NO ALL-NIGHTERS!!! 8. Use Campbell’s as a reference (for diagrams and detailed info on topics you feel you are weak in your understanding); DO NOT RE-READ CAMPBELL’S 9. Use a review book, YOUR OWN DIAGRAMS, and/or my notes as a reference.
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AP_Exam_Studyhints(2009050122184029) - Study efficiently!...

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