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Don't Forget video WS_printable(2009050122174431) - Name _...

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Name _________________________________ Per________ Don’t Forget! 1. In San Diego, E.P. is assisting researchers at UC San Diego. What caused his memory loss in 1992? 2. Does he have complete memory loss, or can he still remember some things? 3. What can he do or remember accurately? 4. What is unusual about his memory? What is wrong with his memory or thinking? Describe what you observe in his interview with the researcher. 5. Being unable to remember things you learn just a few minutes ago is short-term memory. What 2 parts of E.P.’s brain were damaged that resulted in short-term memory loss? 6. E.P. has retained vivid memories from many years ago, such as the street directions of the town he used to live in. This is called long-term memory. What part of the brain is responsible for recording new memories? 7. What caused Chuck’s brain damage and memory loss? ______________________________ 8. How accurate do you think his memories of recent events are (look at his wife!)? 9. Is Chuck aware that he has lost his memories? __________ 10.Is his hippocampus still working (at least part of it)? __________ 11.What is wrong with his memory, according to the researcher? 12.What is the main function of the hippocampus? 13.What method does Frank use to link names with facial features? 14.When Frank’s brain was imaged, what is unusual about his hippocampi? 15.What does the researcher and Alan Alda explain that the hippocampus does?
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Don't Forget video WS_printable(2009050122174431) - Name _...

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