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Lab #6—Molecular Biology Lab #6 has 2 parts: Bacterial Transformation and Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of DNA/Gel Electrophoresis. You have already done gel electrophoresis of sample DNA that was pre-treated with restriction enzymes in IS2 (yes, you did!), so this should be a review (perhaps more technical than what you did in IS2, but not by much). Go to Lab Bench for Lab #6: and follow the directions below: Items to be turned in are underlined. For the Bacterial Transformation part of the lab: 1. Read your Lab Manual, pages 64-68. Now go to Lab Bench, and click on the link for Bacterial Transformation on the left side of the page, and go through the lab. 2. Draw out diagrams and EXPLAIN the steps of the procedure of Bacterial Transformation. Write a 1 paragraph description of transformation , as if you were answering an AP essay question that required you to demonstrate your knowledge of bacterial transformation. Also, answer the following questions
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Lab_6_09(2009050122174383) - Lab #6Molecular Biology Lab #6...

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