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AP Biology Summer Assignment Instructions 1. As you complete your summer assignment, you will understand the organization and level of detailed information of the AP Biology textbook, Biology, 5 th ed. by Campbell, Reece and Mitchell. This is the edition that is available in the NHS Media Center. If you have chosen to purchase your textbook, you have either the 6 th or 7 th edition of this textbook. These editions may vary somewhat in content, but still may be used for the course; the summer assignment covers basic information that is covered in all editions. Be careful to read the appropriate chapter (go by topic, rather than chapter number) if you have the 6 th or 7 th editions. You may use any of these editions to complete the summer assignment. 2. Read the following chapters: a. Chapter 50: Ecology and the Biosphere b. Chapter 51: Behavioral Ecology c. Chapter 52: Population Ecology d. Chapter 53: Community Ecology e. Chapter 54: Ecosystems f. Chapter 55: Conservation Biology 3. AFTER reading each chapter, complete the corresponding study guide for that chapter.
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