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Chapter 53_SG_rev(2009030423414792) - Describe the...

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Chapter 53 Community Ecology Terms/Concepts to Know 1. Community 9. Competitive Exclusion Principle 2. Species Diversity 10. Ecological niches 3. Interspecific interactions 11. Dynamic equilibrium 4. Competition 12. Keystone predator 5. Symbiotic relationships 13 Ecological succession 6. Coevolution 14. Island biogeography 7. Plant defenses 15. Disturbance 8. Animal defenses Objectives: 1. Explain what is meant by the statement, “predation is a selective pressure.” Describe several plant and animal adaptations to this pressure. (Include chemical, mechanical, behavioral, and physical defenses/adaptations.) 2. Describe the three main types of symbiotic relationships in terms of positive, negative, or neutral effects on the potential population density of the host and the symbiont. 3. Describe the Competitive Exclusion Principle in terms of effective resource uses and reproductive advantage.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe the experiment that lead G. F. Gause to derive the Competitive Exclusion Principle, then describe two field experiments that support the Competitive Exclusion Principle. 4. Distinguish between a fundamental niche and a realized niche. 5. Explain why the concept of ecological succession has been modified to include disturbances. Briefly distinguish among these newer hypotheses. 6. Compare and contrast parasitism and predation. 7. Compare and contrast intraspecific competition (Chp. 52) with interspecific competition. 8. Compare and contrast resource partitioning and character displacement. 9. Describe an effect of a keystone predator on biodiversity. 10. Explain why, according to the hypothesis of island biogeography, species richness would be greatest on an island that is large and close to a mainland....
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