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Chapter 54 Ecosystems Ecosystems KEY TERMS 1. Ecosystem 2. Trophic levels 3. detritivores 4. detritus 5. food web 6. decomposition 7. productivity 8. biomass 9. limiting nutrient 10. trophic efficiency 11. biomass pyramid 12. turnover time 13. ecological pyramids. 14. biogeochemical cycle 15. nitrogen fixation 16. nitrification 17. ammonification 18. denitrification 19. biological magnification 20. greenhouse effect OBJECTIVES 1. Compare and contrast energy flow with nutrient cycling on both a local level and a global level. 2. What factor(s) limit the length of a food chain and the interconnectedness of a food web? Refer to concepts found in Chapter 53 as well. 3. Describe how water moves through the biosphere in a global cycle and the effect greenhouse gases have on the hydrologic cycle. Refer to concepts found in Chapter 50. 4. Describe how the carbon cycle differs in terrestrial and aquatic systems and why 5. Using the generalized model of nutrient cycling (Fig. 54.8) as a template, depict the
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