2002-final - FINAL EXAMINATION BIOMI 331 or VETMI 331 NAME...

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FINAL EXAMINATION NAME: _____________________ BIOMI 331 or VETMI 331 1 FINAL EXAMINATION GENERAL PARASITOLOGY (BIOMI 331 or VETMI 331) SPRING SEMESTER, MAY 13, 2002 PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO RECORD YOUR NAME ON THE BUBBLE SHEET. THIS SHEET WILL BE USED FOR GRADING. Examinations: Each of the three examinations will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, with only a single correct answer per question. The examinations should be easily taken within the 50 minute period that will be available. Keys will be posted as soon as it is verified that all students have taken the exam. I may change how a question is graded if it becomes obvious from class performance that it was written incorrectly or in an ambiguous manner. Answers are recorded on bubble sheets and graded by machine. I will try and return all examinations within one week. Grades: Each question on each examination will be worth 2 points. Thus, there will be a total of 300 points in the course . Your final numeric total divided by 3 will determine your grade. Rounding is performed by the simple method that any fraction over a whole number will be rounded to the next whole number, i.e., 89.009, 89.1, and 89.7 will all equal 90. Grades will be based on the Cornell formula: <60 F, 60-62 D-, 63-65 D, 66-69 D+, 70-72 C-, 73-75 C, 76-79 C+, 80-82 B-, 83-85 B, 86-89 B+, 90-92 A-, 93- 95 A, 96-100 A+. Page 1 of 6
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1. (FREEBIE) The flies that are small and whose females often require a blood meal and which tend to have long skinny antennae are a. (PICK THIS ONE) Nematocera b. Brachycera c. Cyclorrhapha d. Muscoid e. Oestrid 2. (FREEBIE) How many wings does an adult sheep ked, Melophagus ovinus , have? a. (PICK THIS ONE) 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6 e. 8 3. (FREEBIE) Where would you look for a young maggot of Oestrus ovis , the sheep nasal bot? a. stream b. grass c. skin d. (PICK THIS ONE) nasal sinuses e. gastrointestinal system 4. (FREEBIE) What is myiasis? a. (PICK THIS ONE) Infection with maggots b. Infection with nematodes c. Infection with mites d. Infection with ticks e. Bites by black flies 5. (FREEBIE) Where would you look for the pupal stage of the human bot fly? a. Skin of the arm b. Fast moving stream c. Calm water d. ( PICK THIS ONE) Soil e. Glued to hairs 6. (FREEBIE) Which fly is known as the “Protector of Africa”? a. Stomoxys calcitrans b. Musca domestica c. (PICK THIS ONE) Glossina morsitans d. Haematobia irritans e. Dermatobia hominis 7. With the Strepsiptera (The Stylops) , the wings of the male are on the second thoracic segment and the female lives stretched across the abdomen of the parastisized host. The larvae that are released from the female (triungulin) get to the next host by a. Flying females that deposit their eggs b. Flying to a new host c. Being eaten by a host d.
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2002-final - FINAL EXAMINATION BIOMI 331 or VETMI 331 NAME...

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