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Yanting Wang (yw275) Topic: Barbie’s Cultural Transformation Type: Informative I. Introduction a. What little girl (and I guess perhaps some boys) didn’t grow up playing with the Barbie doll? b. Even today, we see Barbie as the epitome of our dream girl c. To be honest, Barbie is “Hot” i. Perfect hour glass body ii. Bleach blond California girl hair iii. Cool outfits d. We may see Barbie as the ditzy valley girl, however, upon further analysis, Barbie can be used as a marker for the development of culture through out history. II. History a. Mattel Barbie doll made her debut to the world in 1959 at the American Toy Convention in New York. b. Many of you may not know that Barbie was an actual person c. Originally named Barbara Handler d. Her official full name is Barbie Millicient Roberts e. Barbie’s mother, Ruth Handler, watched her daughter play paper cut out dolls that were popular at the time, and decided that it was more education to make a role model that would inspire girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. f.
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barbieInformative - Yanting Wang (yw275) Topic: Barbies...

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