bartbiespeech - Imagine a girl with 20-inch waist 6 feet...

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Imagine a girl with 20-inch waist, 6 feet tall, bust size C, and an entrancingly beautiful face. Her body is perfect, she holds various occupations: doctor, astronaut, party girl, and she’s every boy’s dream. Who is this mystery woman? We all know her; we’ve all seen her. No, its not Miranda Kerr, nor Megan Fox (PowerPoint picture). The woman we are imagining is Barbie Millicent Roberts. Today, we can see that the Barbie doll’s ubiquitous presence all around us. From toy shelves, to TV ads, to videogames, and even her own line of apparel. The presence of Barbie is vital to a growing girl’s toy collection, filling our heads with fantasies of a life in the sun, driving a hot pink convertible, and having an unimaginably cute boyfriend. Recently however, Barbie’s image is critically scrutinized as having a negative influence on the development of young girl’s by portraying unrealistic body image and life. However, Barbie is not only a toy, as some people may believe, but a vital embodiment of history and can serve as a proxy to mark many cultural changes throughout history. As an avid Barbie collector, as well as a interested student in pursuit of knowledge, I will discuss the ways in which Barbie’s life served as a mark of cultural transformations. The Mattel Barbie doll made her debut to the world in 1959 at the American Toy Convention in New York and sold for $3.00. That year Mattel made a record high of $351,000. Her official full name
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bartbiespeech - Imagine a girl with 20-inch waist 6 feet...

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