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Comm 2010 REflection

Comm 2010 REflection - Cadbury bar because of the catchy...

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Comm 2010 Self-Revelation As a child “blessed” with ADHD, I have always been intrigued by advertisement and commercials. They were the perfect length. Long enough to be interesting, yet short enough to keep me focused on one thing. Commercials are not only entertaining, but can also sometimes be rather informative. Growing up in a world filled with commercials, I thought I could confidently say that I was sort of an expert and was well knowledgeable of their uses and purpose. It wasn’t until I was fated to take Comm 2010, that I was utterly proven wrong. I was in fact still a dilettante, a naive little girl surrounded by media subtly manipulates those who view it. Media, I learned, is often filled with fallacies, and I fell victim of those who utilized it. Thankfully, Comm 2010 has taught me to more cautious of these commercials. No longer will I impetuously sign up for a e-trade account just because everyone has one, even a infant. No longer will I quickly purchase a
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Unformatted text preview: Cadbury bar because of the catchy eyebrow dance to which I associate with it. No longer will I believe that GM is making my car safer by firing everyone who makes a little mistake, or believe that buying a Ford will make me more or less American. I vow never to make hasty generalization and become vegetarian based on supportless claims and studies. I promise never to think that I can own the world now that I have a Mastercard. And finally, never again, will I call Barak Obama a terrorist again. Because of Comm 2010, the class forced upon me by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, I now am enlightened to these fallacies. As I continue on my journey of commercial scholarship, I will always remember what Comm 2010 has taught me. I will scrutinize and use all the knowledge I have attained to identify these fatal fallacies, if not for the greater good of society, then for at least myself....
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