how to speech Everybody poops

how to speech Everybody poops - -there are several proper...

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Everybody poops. It’s a fact. Contrary to popular belief even girls poop. Let’s face it, we’ve all been in situations where were hiking, camping, or even walking back from the library at 2 am, and we feel the knock of nature on our door. Theres nothing more discomforting than having to use all your will power to “hold it back”. Well, now you don’t have too. I am here to show you the proper way to poop in the woods. This method is called the “Burial” Step 1: Choose your location. -No one wants to see you poop, step in your poop or contract a waterborne disease from your poop so, choose a site that is about 200 feet away form any water source, roads, trials or campsite. Step 2: Dig a Hole -To dig what is known as a “Cathole, use your heel of your shoe, or shovel -The hole should be 6-8 inches deep. Step 3: Assume the position
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Unformatted text preview: -there are several proper positions -a. the simple squat: although seemingly simple, it requires balance and I do not recommend it. Better positions provide more support to maximize your pooping experience.-Hold a tree-Sit on a Log-Back to Tree And my favorite “Group poop” Step 4: Relieve yourself-if you have terrible aim, and miss the whole while doing your business, use a stick to poke the log of poop into the cat-hole.-When you are satisfied and finished, throw some dirt onto the whole. Step 5: Wipe Clean The natural methods: just use some leaves, pine cones, a smooth rock, or moss to clean up. (Throw these into the cat hole before you burry your poop) Now you have just learned the proper way to poop in the woods, so next time, do yourself a favor, find yourself a nice patch of woods and relieve yourself....
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how to speech Everybody poops - -there are several proper...

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