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11/30/2010 1 MITES Mites Several genera of mites are considered medically important. Mesostigmata Chicken mites ( Dermanyssus and Ornithonyssus ) House mouse mite ( Liponyssoides ) Astigmata Scabies mite ( Sarcoptes ) The house dust mite ( Dermatophagoides ) Prostigmata Follicle mite ( Demodex ) Chiggers ( Trombiculidae ) Straw itch mites ( Pyemotes ) Mesostigmata Get their name from the location of the major respiratory openings on the side of the body, the stigmatal plates (vented openings), that are located between the third and fourth pairs of legs. In the ticks (the Metastigmata), the stigmatal plates are located on the idiosoma behind the last pair of legs. Some Mesostigmatid mites have their idiosoma fairly well divided into anterior and posterior portions that make them look more spider-like than other mites. Some of the mesostigmatid mites are parasitic on birds and rodents and often live in the nests of their hosts. Occasionally, humans are attacked by mites when the nests are abandoned. Liponyssoides sanguineus The “house mouse mite” is a mesostigmatid mites related to mites parasites of birds he house mouse mite typically resides in The house mouse mite typically resides in rodent nests feeding on rodent hosts L. sanguineus will also bite people, especially if their when rodent hosts are suddenly no longer available (through extermination or disease) nown since 1947 that the house mouse mite Known since 1947 that the house mouse mite is capable of transmitting the agent of rickettsialpox from its rodent hosts to people.
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11/30/2010 2 Rickettsialpox: report of three cases and a review A 77-year-old woman living in Brooklyn presented in July 2001 with a 4-day history of generalized, asymptomatic lesions, as well as malaise, fatigue and headache. Reported having a "bug bite" on her left leg one week earlier. Reported a mice infestation in her apartment. n r themato s plaq e ith a central eschar as noted on her left knee An erythematous plaque with a central eschar was noted on her left knee. As rickettsialpox was suspected, and treated with doxycycline. A 19-year-old woman living in the Bronx presented in April 2002 with a painful sore on her left cheek of 2-week duration, and asymptomatic "bumps" on her neck and face of 4-day duration. Reported travelling to Puerto Rico, and attributed her rashes to "spider bites" when she was there. She also reported seeing numerous mice in her apartment, as well as tiny "bugs" on the floor.
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untitled - 11/30/2010 Mites Several genera of mites are...

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