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FINAL EXAMINATION – 2008 NAME: ___________________ BIOMI 4310 or VETMI 4310 ID No.: ___________________ FINAL EXAMINATION MEDICAL PARASITOLOGY BIOMI 4310 or VETMI 4310 DATE: December 11, 2008 MAKEUP DATES: December 10 and 19, 2008 PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE. ALSO, RECORD YOUR ID NUMBER. Examinations : Each examination will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, with only a single correct answer per question. Keys will be posted as soon as it is verified that all students have taken the exam. I will change how a question is graded if it becomes obvious from class performance that it was written incorrectly or in an ambiguous manner. Answers are recorded on bubble sheets and graded by machine; I will also ask that answers be recorded on the test paper itself. It is probably going to take me a week to get this back to you, mainly because I will be out of town. I will get it aback as fast as I can. Grades: Each question on each examination will be worth 2 points; thus, there will be a total of 300 points in the course. Your final numeric total divided by 3 will determine your grade. Rounding is performed by the simple method that any fraction over a whole number will be rounded to the next whole number, i.e., 91.009, 91.1, and 91.7 will all equal 92. Grades will be based on the Cornell formula: <60 F, 60-62 D-, 63-65 D, 66-69 D+, 70-72 C-, 73-75 C, 76-79 C+, 80-82 B-, 83-85 B, 86-89 B+, 90-92 A-, 93- 95 A, 96-100 A+ FOLKS I FULLY EXPECT THAT YOU WILL NOT SHARE ANYTHING RELATED TO WHAT IS CONTAINED IN THIS EXAMINATION WITH OTHER INDIVIDUALS WHO MAY NOT HAVE YET COMPLETED IT. ALSO: I CANNOT POST THE GRADES THIS YEAR ON THE WEBSITE. THUS, IF YOU WANT YOUR GRADE BEFORE THEY ARE POSTED BY THE REGISTRAR, YOU WILL HAVE TO E-MAIL ME AND ASK FOR THE GRADE. HOWEVER, IF YOU WANT ME TO E-MAIL YOU YOUR GRADE, YOU HAVE TO SIGN BELOW. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN AAND DATE THE TEST BELOW, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND YOU YOUR GRADE BY E-MAIL. DDB I GIVE DR. BOWMAN PERMISSION TO E-MAIL MY GRADE TO ME: SIGNED: _______________________________________ DATED: _______________________________________
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FINAL EXAMINATION NAME: ___________________ BIOMI 4310 or VETMI 4310 ID No.: ___________________ All of the references that are cited below as part of the test are quotations from the textbook Parasitic Diseases , 5 th edition, Despommier, Gwadz, Hotez, and Knirsch, Apple Trees productions, LLC, NY, 2005 1. "Tapeworms are flat, segmented worms, composed of a head (scolex), and a series of segments , known as…. ." a. Uterine balls b. the neck c. proglottids d. hexacanth embryos e. hyphae 2. "The Phylum Platyhelminthes includes the class Cestoidea (tapeworms), all of which are parasitic in [the adult form] in the _________ of various vertebrate hosts." a. muscle tissue b. lungs, liver, bile duct, or small intestine c. blood vessels d. muscle cells e. intestinal tract 3. In Trematodes, "Once the eggs reach fresh water, or, for some species, a suitable terrestrial niche, they are either
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