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FINAL EXAMINATION NAME: ___________________ BIOMI 417 or VETMI 431 ID No.: ___________________ KEY: 1-10 D,B,D,C,E,B,C/,B/,/E/,C; 11-20 B/,E/,D/,A/,A/,E/,*,B/,C/,B/; 21-30 D/,D/,B/,A/,D/,B/,B/,D/,B/,D/; 31-40 E/,D/,E/,*,B/,D/,D/,C/,C,C/; 41-50 C/,B/,C/,E/,D/,B/,D/,D/,D/,* BONUS: B,B,C,D,B,C FINAL EXAMINATION MEDICAL PARASITOLOGY BIOMI 417 or VETMI 431 PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE. ALSO, RECORD YOUR ID NUMBER IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS. Examinations : Each examination will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, with only a single correct answer per question. Keys will be posted as soon as it is verified that all students have taken the exam. I will change how a question is graded if it becomes obvious from class performance that it was written incorrectly or in an ambiguous manner. Answers are recorded on bubble sheets and graded by machine; I will also ask that answers be recorded on the test paper itself. It is probably going to take me a week to get this back to you, mainly because I will be out of town. I will get it aback as fast as I can. Grades: Each question on each examination will be worth 2 points; thus, there will be a total of 300 points in the course. Your final numeric total divided by 3 will determine your grade. Rounding is performed by the simple method that any fraction over a whole number will be rounded to the next whole number, i.e., 91.009, 91.1, and 91.7 will all equal 92. Grades will be based on the Cornell formula: <60 F, 60-62 D-, 63-65 D, 66-69 D+, 70-72 C-, 73-75 C, 76-79 C+, 80-82 B-, 83-85 B, 86-89 B+, 90-92 A-, 93- 95 A, 96-100 A+ THERE ARE 6 BONUS POINT QUESTIONS – EACH WORTH ½ POINT. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – DO NOT LEAVE THEM BLANK!!!
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FINAL EXAMINATION NAME: ___________________ BIOMI 417 or VETMI 431 ID No.: ___________________ 1. Which parasites are transmitted by eating fish a. Ascaris spiralis b. Taenia solium & Toxoplasma gondii c. Dracunculus medinensis, Enterobius vermicularis d. Anisakis simplex & Heterophyes heterophyes s e. Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Necator americanus 2. A paratenic host is a host a. With more than one parent b. In which there is no required development c. That carries a parasite on its surface d. In which there is sexual multiplication e. That is smaller than its parasite 3. Which does NOT cause ocular disease? a. Toxoplasma gondii b. Toxocara canis c. Taenia solium d. Trichuris trichiura e. Onchocerca volvulus 4. For which parasite are people and other mammals routinely first the final host and then the intermediate host? a. Plasmodium falciparum b. Taenia saginata c. Trichinella spiralis d. Schistosoma mansoni e. Toxoplasma gondii 5. Which of these parasites are NOT shared between rats and people? a.
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