Syllabus2011_revisedJan31 - BioMi 3210: Normal Microbes of...

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Disease Spring, 2011 Time : Tuesday and Thursday 2:55 to 4:10pm Location: Morrison Hall 146 Professor: Dr. Ruth Ley Office: 260 Wing Hall Office hours: Fridays 2:30-4:30pm Email: Note on emailing: We’ve set up a separate email account for all email communication for this course. We will not read emails sent to our Cornell accounts. Graduate TA: Mizue Naito Office Hour: Mondays 11 am 216 Wing Hall Required Books: None. Keep your textbook from General Microbiology handy to look things up when studying. Web Site: BioMi 3210 is on Blackboard. You must register on the Blackboard site to use it. NOTE: Hard copies of the lecture notes will not be distributed in class if they are posted the week before class. If they are posted the same week, we will bring printed versions for you. Objectives: The major goal of the course is that each student understands the biology, diversity, and role of microorganisms that inhabit the human body, and their role in health and disease. Students will learn approaches used to solve research problems concerning these organisms. In addition, students will interpret the primary literature to evaluate the current state of this rapidly changing field. Research Articles: The study of the normal microbes of the human body and their role in disease is a rapidly changing field. Therefore, we will not be using a textbook, but will rely solely on review articles and primary research articles. These papers will complement topics discussed in class the week they are assigned and will be accompanied by study questions and key word definitions. Both the papers and the study questions will be available on the course web site. You are expected to read the article
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Syllabus2011_revisedJan31 - BioMi 3210: Normal Microbes of...

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